Janome 1100D Professional Serger Review

At the first time you go over this serger machine, it is easy to find out. The court is obvious with the foot pedal. It also come with a … which if you have a night engaged as its trims away your fabric. You can keep it contained or throw it out. It comes with a little excess regaining, lint brush, a needle threader or a small caps needle, a little tweezers oil basically everything you need to get started with the serger. Aside from this, and the machine are you would need to provide is your thread and then you’ve found one of the best one in the top serger reviews. Now, let’s get started.

Janome 1100D serger

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Possessing the best router table will help you easily handle all the dadoes and grooving in woodworking. Hence, in this article, you will be guided properly with router table reviews on tips and tricks for an easy and effective stopped dado cut.

Dado is prime-choice joinery which is formed by cutting a square-walled, flat-bottomed channel across the grain of the wood. When you make a dado into one board, the end of a mating board should fit into it properly. This joint dated back to centuries ago when woodworkers use it in making cabinet and furniture and general. Using a dado is a very functional and strong method for connecting two pieces of stock.It is simply a groove sized to fit another piece of wood closely. Read More


After purchasing the best sewing machine for a beginners, you need to find out sewing tips from how to sew a straight line to make darts and pleats. Sewing is also an evolving art. It demands you learning new and interesting techniques to improve your work. To make it easier to start with, this article is going to provide you with everything you need to know from beginning the level. Check out these tips and trick for all your sewing projects. These are sewing tips suggested for you to overcome difficulties and find fun in what you are doing.

How to sew a straight line

This is the simplest technique in sewing and you can do this using a sewing machine in no time. However, how to sew it straight on your fabric especially for beginners who starts using a sewing machine, then making a perfect line demands a little practice and some tips. There are these essential tips to know and follow. Let’s start with the basics and learn how to do it right.

  • The first important thing for everyone to keep in mind that every machine has its own styles, features, and functions. Therefore, try to learn how it operates is one of the very first steps. Spend time to learn the machine parts, its mechanisms, and maintenance before doing the sewing work. This specific information is carefully written in the manual for each machine.
  • Take a fabric placed under the presser foot. The fabric’s right edge should be matched up with the presser foot’s edge. Then lower the presser foot to keep it in place.

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Electric pressure cooker is an important kitchen gadget these days. Most modern families opt to use it because it gives us the super-easy dishes with less time-consuming. It can be called a healthy fast food machine. So, get these recipes for different styles of cooking at the best results. Here are pressure cooking recipes just for you. Then just follow us and enjoy the healthy family meals by your best electric pressure cooker.

First and foremost, let’s review quickly on the tutorial for how to use an electric pressure cooker.  Do not lightly consider this matter due to its important role for your final finish.

  • Place the ingredients in the inner pot. The ingredients should be at 2/3 of the pot. You should not place everything so fully.
  • Lock the lid.
  • Set the timer and press Start button.
  • The cooker comes to pressure. Depending on what you’re cooking, the time of pressurizing is various from 15 to 30 minutes. Then it changes into the warming mode and brings the pressure back down.

There are just basic simple steps reviews on an electric pressure cooker in general.  Specific instructions are various widely with different producers and models so remember that for safety, you should also carefully read the manufacturers manual completely before laying your hands on any electric gadget.They are more specific information on the cooker’s operation needed you to follow by. Read More

Make best and economical use of your refrigerator

Among a variety of modern technological kitchen utensils nowadays, the refrigerator is the most indispensible one in a modern kitchen. It provides people with convenient and effective means of preserving food. However, the refrigerator is also the biggest energy consumer. Moreover, the refrigerator is fast to become out of order if not used properly. If you are on a budget and want to cut down on your electric bills but you cannot stop using the refrigerator, if you are  wondering how to use it right and increase it life expectancy, then here are some small useful tips for you…5.1

Economize your refrigerator’s energy consumption

It is unavoidable that we have to switch the refrigerator on all the time, which need so much energy but there are some tips that help us somehow reduce the amount of electricity consumed:

  • Before putting food inside your refrigerator, make sure they are not still warm. This will give the refrigerator less work to do and of course, the less work it has to do, the less energy it will use.
  • Use metal food preservers instead of plastic ones because metals are better heat conductors. The food will get cold faster if they are preserved in a metal box.
  • Try to keep it as full as possible, without overcrowding. Your refrigerator will operate more efficiently the more it has inside it, because keeping air cold consumes more energy than refrigerating food. But remember that there should be blanks among the food inside your refrigerator for cold air to go through, effectively preserving your food.

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Tips for reducing your electricity bill

Nowadays, as modern technology has day by day advanced at an incredible speed, we are more and more used to living with the help of electricity. We cannot now work, live or even play around comfortably without electricity. And here the problem arises. In addition to paying attention to electric safety tips, we also have to take special care of our electricity bills. As we are using more smart electrical appliances, our bills are increasing uncontrollably. Therefore, how we can save electricity, reducing our expenditure has become one of the most concerned questions of this era.

The lights4.1

Switching off all the unnecessary lights will save you a surprising amount of electricity. Turn off all those sleep night, you actually need no light when sleeping. Once you leave a room, turn all the working electric appliances in it off.

In addition, make best use of natural light. When possible, you should open all your doors and windows to welcome sunlight in. This will not only reduce the use of artificial light but also do good to your health. Sunlight helps you absorb vitamin D and E better. Moreover, when you open your doors, pure air outside can flow in, making your house more airy and cool. As you will become healthier, you can even save your medicine bill! Read More

Be safe with electricity at home

Electricity plays an extremely important role in our daily life. We almost cannot do anything without the help of electricity, from the smallest thing like lighting up our house to cooking, entertaining, working and studying. However, electricity itself has a latent danger. There have been so many lamentable cases in which people die of electrical shock. Those cases could have been prevented if people understood electricity safety tips.3.1

It is a sad fact that many people are now unaware of these following simple yet useful safety tips: Read More

Green your little house

Making the house green and environmentally friendly is one of the most popular trends that people today follow when setting up their home. Trying to make your house greener, you cannot miss out your garden. Beautifying your garden will not only give your home a green and beautiful appearance but also bring fresh, pure air to your house. However, what if you do not have large enough ground for a garden? Is it already the end of your “Go green career”?- Obviously not- we are here now to provide you some tips for making best use of your little space in order to bring your house closer to the nature.2.1

Mind your walls

Don’t just leave your walls blank and torturous, make them live! If you are thinking of buying some artistic pictures to hang on your walls but find them too expensive, there is a perfect alternative for you: growing some climbing plants. These green walls will not only make your house look greener but also be an effective air purifier. Moreover, the green layer of plants can help cool your house down in the summer, especially if you grow them on your West walls as they can prevent heat from being absorbed into your house. Read More

Beautify your garden

Garden plays an extremely important role in making your house more beautiful and impressive. It can not only provide your house with a natural green look but also bring you pure atmosphere and thus do good to your health. Therefore, when setting up your home, garden is an indispensible feature. If you do not have abundant area, then you’d better learn how to make best use of your space to green the house. Otherwise, if you are now having unused ground, you are then strongly suggested to turn it into a beautiful garden, prettifying your own hearth.1.1

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